Now what?

1. What has God been doing in your life through this study…if you haven’t yet (or even if you have), how about taking time to praise and thank him for any spiritual, emotional, or physical changes.

2. Will you take a moment (or longer!) to pray about the possibility of leading an online group through the book (you can use my videos or create your own) and/or leading a live group? I will meet with live group leaders for conference calls twice a month. Please pray about these opportunities.

3. Where will you go next to get the support you need? There is a workbook 1 class starting on January 4th…Monday. This group will remain open for a while longer, too…probably somewhat indefinitely.

4. How could we improve the “class” experience?


Chapter 30


1. How have you seen the Lord at work in your life during the course of this study?

2. What surprises have you had? What blessings, joys?

3. Did you compare the survey “My Relationship with God and My Relationship with Myself” that you did today with the one you did on Day Two? What changes in your view of God have taken place? What changes in your view of yourself? What didn’t change that you hoped would have? What can you yet do to facilitate the changes you desire?

4. Journal how you feel about food, your body, your goals, this study. Honestly ask the Lord what you should do in the days ahead…ask Him to reveal His will. Consider sharing your thoughts.

On Wednesday I will post another set of questions for wrap up and a video. It isn’t over yet!

Chapter 29

Remaining Steadfast in His Embrace 

Note: Many of us arrive at Day 29 feeling like we need to start over…That is perfectly normal and acceptable. Just don’t minimize the fact that these 29 days have NOT been wasted. God HAS been working in it all. Even if you haven’t yet seen “progress” on your weight goals, He is laying a foundation upon which you can build yet in the days ahead. There is nothing wrong with going back over the material once Day 30 comes and goes.

1. What kind of community involvement do you have with other believers who support you in your relationship with Christ and to grow in Him? Consider getting involved with other believers if you don’t have this kind of support now.

2. On pages 308-309, we read the following: Authentic worshipers experience absolute healing. As deep as runs our confusion, so much deeper runs His peace. As deep as runs our pain, so much deeper runs His love. As deep as runs our sin, so much deeper runs His forgiveness. As deep as runs our brokenness, so much deeper runs His healing.” Respond to this quote of Pastor Greg Krieger.

3. Did you compare your survey answers from the survey in this chapter with those from the Before You Begin survey? What thoughts or observations can you make? What concerns or questions? Consider praying to God as a response.

Chapter 28

Complete in His Tenderness Part 2

1. The authors state four things at the bottom of page 296 that will result in experiencing the rest that Christ promises in the midst of our bustling lives. Which of these four things do you struggle with the most? Why do you think this is the case?

2. How does procrastination actually contribute to your weariness and vulnerability? What are some things you struggle with procrastinating about?

3. Did you adjust your schedule to insert things you have been procrastinating about?

4. What are some things you can do to relax? Did you adjust your schedule to insert activities that can allow you to experience refreshment and recreation?

5. How do you feel about your newly revised schedule? If you didn’t do the scheduling activity from Days 27 and 28, consider evaluating why. Is there an unwilling spirit? Does it seem to be too involved? What are your reasons?

Chapter 27

Complete in His Tenderness Part 1

1. At the bottom of page 287, the authors say “When we are weary, we are vulnerable—vulnerable to flesh-filled eating, vulnerable to focusing on performance instead of God’s provision, and vulnerable to turning to temporary gratification rather than to the true life-sustaining satisfaction found only in Him.” How have you noticed that this is true for you? What have you done about it? What could you do about it?

2. Evaluate reason #1 that we tend to become weary: “We invest ourselves in things that are not part of God’s plan.” Did you find any of these in your schedule as you evaluated?

3. Evaluate reason #2 that we tend to become weary: “We invest ourselves in godly activities beyond God’s plan.” Did you find any of these in your schedule as you evaluated?

4. Evaluate reason #3 that we tend to become weary: “We rely on our own strength rather than God’s in doing what He’s called us to do.” Did you find this tendency in your life as you evaluated?

5. Did you do the activity on page 291? Why or why not? What have you discovered about your schedule? What do you think this has to do with your Thin Within journey?

6. Read Isaiah 28:12-13. Journal about this passage.

Chapter 26

The Adventure of His Abundance

1. On page 277 the authors state, “Trying to satisfy our God-given heart hunger with things of this world, with anything other than God, is meaningless. Over the past twenty-six days you’ve learned not to expect food to satisfy anything but an empty stomach. Have you found yourself drawn to something else as you have tried to quite the cravings of your soul? Now that you are putting food in its proper place, has it been replaced by anything in your life other than the Lord?”

Take a moment to journal the answer to these questions.

On the other hand, some of us may have been experiencing awareness of truths that have surprised us as we have studied the TW book. We have seen that there are issues in our past that yet have to be dealt with that have resulted in our improper use of food and attitudes toward our bodies. These realizations may have resulted in you actually struggling all the more with putting food in its proper place in your life. If you have experienced this during your study of the TW book journal about this. Consider sharing this with someone or the group. I also highly recommend reading and studying the book Thin Again by Judy Halliday.

2. What do you tend to seek–satisfaction? Or gratification? In what ways can you make changes so that you experience true satisfaction as the Lord intends? (See the discussion on pages 278-280)

3. If you would like, share your “Goodbye to ______” letter with someone on this journey. What did God lay on your heart that you need to say goodbye to?

4. On page 283, read the “Verses to Ponder.” Consider looking these up in your bible and journaling a response to them.

5. Read the prayer on the bottom of page 283. Can you pray this? What needs to happen before you can honestly pray this prayer?

6. Consider using the Observation and Correction Chart, the Hunger Graph, and the Food Log during these last few days. How do you feel about using these tools at this point?

Chapter 25

Broadening Godly Boundaries

1. What potential obstacles and creative solutions did you come up with in the exercise on page 267? Share them with the group if you feel led.

2. What are some of your reasons for eating at home? (See page 268) Do you struggle at all with eating at home and preferring any other option? How does this affect you?

3. What did you come up with for the chart on page 270? What are some challenges you face when involved in social eating, such as a church potluck? What are some potential creative solutions? Have you tried anything that has worked for you to keep you within the parameters of 0-5 eating at times like that?

4. If you had any insights that occurred to you during the working through of Day 25 consider sharing those with the group.

Chapter 24

To Run And Not Grow Weary

1. “Two related truths appear repeatedly in God’s Word. First, as His children we will be tested. Job is an example of this biblical truth. However, even in the testing of Job, Satan displayed no power that was not first permitted by God and used for God’s express purposes.” (Quote from page 254) Respond to this quotation from the reading.

2. “Second, as difficult as it may be for us to swallow, the truth is that the most effective forming and shaping of our character takes place during times of suffering.” (Quote from page 254) Respond to this as well.

3. Sometimes people think that something is wrong; God is not doing His part. If by this time in the program they haven’t lost some weight, they can get angry. “Why isn’t God just removing the desire in me to overeat? That is what I want!” How would you respond to this? (Consider the quotation on page 255 from Candace.)

4. “In order to be made mature and complete in our faith, we will undergo trials. But we can know without a doubt that the Lord is in control. He intends that anything we experience be used for our growth and our good, achieving for us an ‘eternal glory.’” (Page 256) Does this thought comfort you when you are in a trial? How so? Or, conversely, why do you think it doesn’t?

5. Have you ever longed for days past, temporarily, perhaps, forgetting the slavery of those times? Journal about this if you feel so led. (See the discussion at the bottom of page 256 and the top of page 257.)

6. What is your answer at the bottom of page 257? Consider sharing this with the group.

7. On page 258 are a list of “tests.” Which tests have you experienced lately? Are there any test types that you can add to this list?

8. Near the bottom of page 258 we are told, “Our battle is about so much more than food. It is about the abundant life we have been given in Christ.” How can we keep our focus on the One we serve? What can you do practically?

9. Consider the “Goal Contract” work that you did on page 260-261. How did you feel about this activity? What are some “action steps” that you will take to produce the desired results? Consider asking the group for prayer and accountability in these final days of our study together. (Keep in mind you can always study the book again…you don’t have to have everything “done and over with” by the magical Day 30!!)

Chapter 23

Confident of His Touch: Part 2

1. If you feel the freedom, share with the group what the character traits are that you want to develop. (See page 245) Share, too, how you feel they would be incorporated into your life. Consider asking for prayer for these.

2. What are some of the negative thoughts (lies or “little t truths”) you need to replace and what thoughts (Big T Truths) have you used to replace them? (See page 246)

3. Look closely at figure 23-1 on page 249. What is the key to moving from the Path of My Performance to the Path of God’s Provision? Based on what you have learned in Thin Within, what is repentance?

4. Journal about any additional insights you may have had during this day’s reading and doing of the exercises.

Chapter 22

Confident of His Touch: Part 1 

The material in Day 22 and Day 23 takes longer to work through. For this reason, the questions I offer on these two days are less involved.

1. On page 233, the authors quote Carmen. She says, “A lot of baggage came up and out as I realized how I had grieved the Lord by having food and weight take center stage. After the forgiveness exercises I felt renewed in my walk with the Lord. It brought healing in my relationship with Him.” Looking back, do you see any difference that forgiveness has made in your battle with overeating? Is there forgiveness work yet to be done?

2. From page 233 the authors say, “On our journey so far we have come to see that our God is trustworthy. He wastes nothing. He weaves our trials, our sins, and our failures into the tapestry of our life to work for our ultimate good. It doesn’t mean that He condones our sin or that He planned our failures or our wounding, but by His incredible grace He will use it all. The results will be amazing.” Respond to this quote. Do you believe it? Is there something that has happened to you that you yet feel is outside of His ability to redeem?

3. In the 10 Steps to Strengthening Your Belief System, we are told to state with confidence and boldness, “God has equipped me with everything I need to be what He wants me to be and to accomplish what He wants me to accomplish.” Do you believe this? It is quite a challenge to state something boldly and with confidence if you don’t believe it. (Consider looking up 2 Peter 1:3 in your bible.)

4. On page 239 you were asked to record any new insights you had while reading (or doing the exercises). Consider sharing anything that you learned or were reminded of as you did the activities in Day 22.